Ladylike Sunday


dress: thrifted (option) brooch: thrifted (option) handbag: estate sale (option) shoes: nordstrom off the rack (similar)

i used to be one of those people who would only buy their clothes brand new. it was just the way i was raised and all i knew. it wasn't until i was married and on a budget that i began to explore the option of buying second hand. my MIL is an avid thrift store shopper, and she was kind enough to take me along with  her for the first time. after taking home a shopping cart full of adorable clothes for about $60, i was hooked. i love the thrill of walking into a store not knowing what treasures i may find. what do you think, would you give thrift shopping a try?


  1. ohhh yes! I love thrift shopping though I haven't been in a realllly long time! Love this cute polka dot dress :)

  2. This outfit is utter elegance and class, you look beautiful hun! It was great hearing your thoughts, have a splendid week ahead!

  3. You are so smart!! I think is a very good idea, it's ecologique, economique and clothes are unique ! Your look is so class! I love the Hermès? ;)

    1. i wish it was an hermes! no, i got it at an estate sale, it's a vintage neiman marcus brand. looks just like it though!

  4. i am alllll about thrift shopping- you can find so many cute things for so little! and your dress is a case in point- you'd probably find something similar at the mall for over $30. now i kinda wanna go thrifting today haha

    xo marlen
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  5. I'm all about thrift shopping as well. Finding great designers and vintage finds are exciting :) Love this dress btw, you look chic and classic.

    the way to my Hart

  6. Cute outfit :) I actually thrift most of my clothes! I love saving money and still wearing awesome clothes

  7. Love this dress. I never have any luck at Thrift stores. Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving such a nice comment.


  8. You look so perfectly feminine and ladylike. What great scores. I have tried thrift store shopping many times and have only found a vest and a skirt. Although I did get my daughter a really cool orange peacoat for a dollar.

    That brooch is fantastic with that dress!


  9. I love black for all time fashion. This dress here is so wonderful. You are looking so pretty. I love fashionable hand bags like yours. The bad bag is looking so fashionable and stunning. The dress is also perfect for all time stylish fashion. I also prefer leather mini skirt for all time stylish fashion.


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