Ladylike Sunday

dress: banana republic, gift (option) bag: thrifted shoes: nordstrom (similar) sunglasses: thrifted (similar) earrings: clothing swap (similar) (similar)

after all this time of hiding in the confines of the back yard, i don't want to go back! i think i love taking photos in the desert. and i'll do it as long as i can (i.e. until it hits 120 degrees). 
i have a funny story about this dress. i borrowed it from my best friend about a year ago, then she decided it suited me better than it did her, and just told me to keep it. i put it on one day a couple months ago and was looking in the mirror, and i thought to myself, "this dress would be so much cuter with pockets". then i put my hands where i thought the pockets should be, and they slid into a pocket! i guess dreams really do come true ;)

Insta - Sun

1| happy music 2| fresh breakfast 3| tea time 4| ice custard happiness 5| sunday morning breakfast 6| puppy cuddles 7| zumba high 8| hiking 9| jasmine 10| estate sale gem 11| soda's in every flavor 12| chocolate cake + orange basil buttercream 

here's a little bit of what life has looked like over the past couple weeks. too many treats, and not enough work outs ;) follow along on instagram: @thesunshinedistrict

When You and I Were Forever Wild

dress: dillards (similar) (similar) (similar) shoes: minnetonka (similar) necklaces: f21 (similar), arrowhead made by me (similar) bracelets: thrifted (recommended) bag: target (similar) ring: thrifted (similar)

i know i said i'd share my festival style from a couple weekends ago. but honestly, i didn't really get to wear what i wanted to wear. aside from my ever comfy mocs, i wasn't feeling very flower child. so, instead, i decided to put together what i would've liked to wear. although i love the boho look, i feel more me in a more feminine look. i feel like this look conveys both styles pretty well between the lace and the fringe :) 

i have quite the weekend ahead of me. i get to spend to day with my bestie doing one of my favorite hobbies: estate saleing. then sunday, my in-laws are hosting a wine and appetizer party. i'm going to try my hand at baking and have plans to make a chocolate cake with orange basil frosting from scratch. hoping it comes out good! what do you have planned?