Crushing On | Summer Sandals

During these hot summer months i usually gravitate towards dresses (duh!) and i'm always reaching for a cute sandal to go with it. I have a few go to pairs, but besides the wedge, I currently don't have any of the above styles in my closet. This needs to be fixed quickly! These are a few styles that I'm currently craving. I think each one of them would be so cute paired with a white summer dress (my other new obsession), don't you?

Sunshine Favorites

There are so many amazing blogs out there that I love and read every day. I thought today it would be fun to share the posts from the week that I'm crushing on. 

How beautiful is Amber and her beautiful new baby boy??

Wanting to re-create Veronika's super simple everyday look

Just love Coury's pattern mixing and crop. And of course Goldie's chunky thighs...

Nikki's cute olive green pencil is styled perfectly and makes me want to go on safari

T.J. has been posting the most amazing photo's of her summer. Think gorgeous scenery and outdoorsy style

Hope you are all having a great week! 

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Ladylike Sunday

 top: charlotte russe dress: dillards bag: f21 shoes: nine west

I've been a little behind on taking outfit photos lately. Not because I haven't had the time. It's just a little hard for me to want to stand outside in 112 degree weather for any amount of time other than the time it takes me to run from the air conditioning inside to the air conditioning in my car. Today was still hot, but it's monsoon season. This means it's still blazing hot during the day, but closer to sunset, a storm will usually start to come in. That is the only time it is even slightly bearable to stand outside and smile for a camera. With that said, I apologize in advance if my outfits are a little fewer and further in between until fall. I hope you all had a great weekend! I was working on my vlog a little today, and I won't lie, it's a very awkward seeing yourself on video. There are a lot of um's an uh's and nervous laughter. It's gonna be great ;) 

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