Microblog 07 | An Oliver Update

Jacqueline O.

Oliver has now been a part of our family for close to seven weeks now. As I had mentioned before, I had waited a very long time to get my poodle. We purchased him off craigslist, and while the logical part of my brain felt it was shady we were meeting my potential new puppy in the parking lot of a Circle K, the emotional part of me didn't care. We were told that he would grow up to be a teacup poodle weighing no more than five or six pounds.

After a couple weeks of major growth (he is now over five pounds at around 14 weeks) we were resigned to the fact that he was going to be bigger than we thought. We were also suspecting that he was not a full poodle, but possibly a mix, since his wavy hair was straightening. Fast forward to last Monday, I had dropped him for at my in laws for his daily play date, gotten to work in time for our morning meeting, then I noticed something. Little whisps of brown hair covering my all black work uniform. I came to the realization that we never had our poodle. 

You may be wondering why so adamantly this was the breed I wanted. You got your puppy, didn't you? He needed a home and someone to love, right? While I do love poodle temperaments and the fact that they don't shed, my main reason for wanting a poodle is because they are hypoallergenic, which are the only type of dogs my allergic husband can live with. I was devistated. The chances of us having to find a new home for him are still there. It's all depending on how allergic my husband ends up being to him. So far, so good. He is currently shedding his puppy coat, and growing bigger everyday. We are pretty anxious to find out what type of dog he is and how big he is going to be. This will also change where we choose to live. We are currently in an apartment, and while that would have been fine for a teacup, we don't feel right raising a larger dog in a small space. 

The good news is, he goes to my in laws house everyday to play with their two dogs and run around in their large grassy yard. We are ordering a DNA test so that we are better educated in his breed and so we take the best possible care of him. While I'm still angry at the people who passed him off as a poodle and lied to my face, I'm so thankful that he is happy and healthy and so smart! I don't regret the fact that we got him, even if he's not what we thought he was. He has quickly become a beloved member of our little family and we are so thrilled to provide him with a safe and happy home. 

- Jac

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