Lumberjack Jac

shirt: stolen from my sister top: thrifted jeans: F21
boots: last chance bag: vintage coach

we took these about 2 months ago on a cold rainy day, and then i completely forgot about them.  around this time, i only wanted to wear boots, jeans and cozy sweaters. that cold seems like a distant memory now. the last few weeks the temperature has been steadily climbing, so much so that i had to run my a/c on my drive home yesterday! sending warm thoughts to those of you in colder climates. 


  1. You are so incredibly chic, thats a great shirt! Hope your week is going well hun.

  2. i hear you...we still have sweater weather in the morning, but by the time i get to work, it's hot!! love the orange top!!

  3. I'm loving your plaid shirt! It looks great worked into this outfit ^^ And oh, how I wish I was living where you live. It's not really cold here, but I already can't wait for summer :) xo

  4. Love the shirt its so cute! Lucky you ur sister got great taste and you wore it so well

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  5. hahah I LOVE the post title :) And oo I really like your boots!

  6. Loving this simple, plaid look. You are seriously the cutest girl :)
    xo TJ


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