1) puppy love 2) breakfast on the patio 3) i had swedish fish for the first time, and they were delish! 4) my mini stack, included a beaded one made by my sister 5) relaxing by the fire 6) lavender cocktails 7) vintage shopping with the boy 8) my very first homemade pumpkin pies 

just a few snapshots of what life has looked like lately. i've been having too much fun with my new a beautiful mess app! it just makes taking photos feel brand new and exciting! i have quite the exciting two weekends ahead of me. the mister's family will be in sedona the next week, so that means we are lucky enough to join them for some yummy food and some hikes with gorgeous views. we'll be headed out early saturday morning, starting out with breakfast followed by wine tasting. i'm already counting the days...
hope your week is lovely! 


  1. you just had swedish fish?? i LOVE those!!! as a kid we used to always give them (or get them) for boys' day at school.

  2. Your first attempt at lemonade pumpkin pies looks very well done! ^^ Those pies look absolutely divine. It's almost a shame to slice them :) xo

  3. Such cute love snap-shots!:) Thanks for your sweet inspiration!



  4. love these snapshots, the pumpkin pie looks so good!


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