Partying Hard

My little dance partner for the night :)

Dancing with my husbands grandparents, they were too cute!

This was the whole reason we went up to Seattle. My husband's cousin's college graduation party. So much fun, great food and lots of dancing. I pretty much danced the entire night (thanks to the very generous bartender.) I ordered vodka cranberries that were literally clear...You can see the effects in photo 6. I'm seriously getting down, haha!

xo Jac


  1. awe love the table & the set up! super cute! your blog header is adorable! love the theme, new follower!

    happy saturday!

    Xo Kelly


  2. I find that great that you guys are so close that you make a blog together sharing your daily life.
    Nice blog

  3. Just stumbled across your blog! Great pictures and funny stories.. I'm excited to check back in for more

    xo Jessica


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