Pike's Market

(First Starbucks EVER!)

So, I'm super losery and didn't get to take any outfit pictures while I was in Seattle (mostly because even though it was 60 degrees, I was in a parka and boots, and wasn't about to take off my coat for a picture) I really don't know how you cold weather bloggers do it, but kudos to you my friends :) These were the best photo's I could get of my visit to Pike's Market. Mostly because my family was speed walking through the market, and if I lingered too long to snap a photo, I would loose them, have a mini panic attack (flashback from being lost in a store when I was a kid perhaps?), and catch a glimpse of them stopped in the crowd looking back at me to see why the heck I couldn't keep up (see first photo above, with them all looking back to see where I've gone). Haha! But, seriously, Pike's Market is the only reason I would ever consider moving to Seattle. My mind was running wild with thoughts of all the marvelous sea food dinners we could cook at home, and all these perfect organic vegetable, and gorgeous flowers to set at my table. But then that would mean I would also have to endure the elements of rain and snow.... Arizona's not looking so bad...

xo Jac


  1. the one time I went to Seattle, we didn't even stop at the market! Just walked on by! kind of a bummer....but my friends were locals and maybe weren't interested in stoping??


  2. OOhh the food looks delish and fresh, I love local markets.


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