Living in Costa Rica

The winter of 2008/2009, my husband and I lived in Costa Rica. We had been saving up for a house when this once in a lifetime opportunity came up, and we obviously had to take it!! We went down for three months, rented an apartment with a friend, and just submerged ourselves in the culture and lived like the locals. It was the best experience of my life! We lived near the most beautiful beach you've ever seen, had monkeys for neighbors, and wore bathing suits everyday. This is seriously the life for me. Thought I'd share a few of my favorite pics from our amazing stay. I may break it up into a few posts just cause there's so many. Hope you enjoy!!

My husband and I enjoying the beautiful scenery
An adorable sleeping baby sloth
Monkey's were everywhere!!
A gorgeous waterfall we hiked to and then swam in
Our favorite beach spot was also a favorite of the locals
A breathtaking valley on the road to our town
Sunset view from one of our favorite dinner spots

xoxo Jemma


  1. wow Jemma, it's so beautiful, you're a lucky one to be there :)

  2. I was incredibly lucky to go there and be able to live in this beautiful place! We hope to go back again really soon..:)


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