Living in Costa Rica Part 2

While living in Costa Rica, we were also able to do some fun touristy things. Here are a couple of my favorites. Hope you enjoy :)

My first time ever the Mangroves!
It was a beautiful day on the water. It started out a little warm, but cool and little drizzly later in the day. We had a family of monkeys come onto out boat. The one above was super curious and so adorable!
Even though I personally didn't catch anything, my husband did. We took it to a local restaurant and they fried it whole for us in butter and served it with some yummy sides of rice, beans and plantains. It was heavenly!
I always thought I was terrified of heights...but I discovered that I absolutely LOVE zip-lining! Flying through the rain forest was probably the best experience of my life. It was just breathtaking looking down at the vividly green tree tops below me and just feeling so light and free.

xoxo Jemma


  1. looks amazing! i lived in nicaragua for 7 months!

    <3 steffy
    Steffys Pros and Cons

  2. It was so amazing! We wanted to visit Granada while we were there, but just ran out of time :( hopefully on our next visit! By the way, your blog is so adorable! Loving your style :)

  3. wow, i love that place! Kisses, Lizzy


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