Microblog 02 | A Quiet Moment

I'm currently in the process of moving, but I'm not sure where to yet. 

It's only when I tell people this that I realize how crazy this sounds! (Am I nuts? I am indeed) I may be staying in Seattle but there's a big possibility that I might move back to Oregon? Most likely I'll talk more about it at another time when things are more settled, but in the meantime, all I can say is that its been absolutely bonkers! Packing and putting the final touches on the house, getting ready to sell (and the stresses and perils that go along with that.) At the same time, I'm working and doing the blog. 

It's so dang easy to constantly rush around and be anxious over all the things that need to be done. That and the siren song of crawling back into my bed and cocooning into a sad-sack. She calls to me at about 2pm every day, that jerk. In fact, I succumbed to her wiles only yesterday. It was a bad day. 

At times like this, I think it's so important for me to take a moment to stop and be still. Taking twenty minutes to breathe and treat yo self isn't going to make a difference in how things get done. 

"It will be ok!" 

That's what I have to tell myself. Constantly. 

I love blooming tea. It's meant to be watched. 

Add hot water and those tightly wrapped leaves slowly unfurl, revealing a pale peach flower. I add a few pieces of german rock sugar to the bottom, that way by the time the tea has opened, the sugar has dissolved. Swirl it around and you have a beautifully floral and slightly sweet brew to enjoy. 

I had blooming tea a number of years ago at the House of Nanking in San Fran. My sister took me and I've been into it ever since. Sisters are nice like that. 

I try to focus my mind on something other than the thing I was just doing. Something non-stressful like puppies with two different colored eyes or how much I'd really like some garlic ramen with a 6 minute egg right now. Yeeeeah, that's the stuff. Now I'm hungry, but I'm not freaking out! And that's a start. 

How do you simmer down from potential hair-tearing-out situations? 


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