Ladylike Sunday

Dress: Dillards Cardigan, Bracelets, Shoes, Vintage Coach bag: Thrifted Necklace, Ring, Belt: Gifts

No, your eyes do not deceive you, I'm wearing sandals in November. Welcome to Phoenix. Still hitting a balmy 85 degrees on a daily basis. Sigh, one day I'll get to break out my boots and tights. Isn't my family's back yard the cutest? Between the wild flowers and the twinkle lights, I think I may have found my hang out for the rest of the winter. Speaking of...there's a backyard bon fire, cuddly little pups, and a glass of wine calling my name. Hope you are having a great Sunday too!


  1. so cute.
    i loooove white dresses and love how you paired it with the cardigan :)

  2. You look so beautifully feminine, love how you put this together.

  3. You are too cute! Loving this simple look, and that bag :)
    xo TJ

  4. Such cute totally not autumn photos! You look absolutely lovely;)



  5. Love this pretty white dresss and that your sandals match those bright flowers in the background :)

  6. such a pretty white dress. i LOVE white dresses. especially loving the eyelet trim on the bottom of yours. we are still having warm weather. rainy, but warm.

  7. I think I want to live in Phoenix. Or just get a winter cottage there. I'm freezing, and I'm inside and have a cup of coffee near me, which is probably not a good idea because it's 8:30 PM right now. I'm rambling, ain't I?

    I absolutely LOVE this outfit. White dresses are the best, and that cardigan has the best color for fall! Zara often has this same color in their collection and I've been meaning to get one too, but always wait too long and then they're sold out :( xo


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