When You Walk in Jerome

Continuation of my Sedona trip: After a long hot day at the zoo, we decided to drive up to Jerome. It's an old mining/ghost town about 30 min from Sedona. The whole town is built into the side of the mountain, which looks pretty incredible. This place is a photographers dream. There are so many interesting places to shoot. My only regret was that I was sweaty and gross from being at the zoo all day and didn't feel very cute. Other than that, I thought the photos we got were pretty great. I coerced Candace into posing and being silly with me :). Afterwards, we got a drink at a little dive bar, and then pizza and appetizers at a small place called Grapes with a nice patio view (but unfortunately it was already after dark, so no pics)

We didn't even know we had similar cardigans haha!

xo Jac

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