Sunrise in Sedona

Every year around our anniversary, my husband's parents give us their time share in Sedona. You would think we might get tired of going to the same spot every year, but we don't. Every time we drive in and catch our first glimpse of the red rocks, I'm blown away by it's beauty. If you've never had the chance to visit, add this to your list of places to see! I'm constantly astounded by its beauty. I never was much into hiking until I met my husband, but this place makes you love it. There are so many spots to enjoy. Our plan for the whole weekend was to spend one day hiking our favorite trail: West Fork. Unfortunately, it's every one else's favorite as well. It was so crowded the entire weekend, we couldn't even get close enough to park. So we ended up doing a couple other trails instead. This was the first one we did on Saturday. It was a nice stroll along the creek and through the woods. I'll be posting photos later of the second hike we did which was not so easy...
(That's my cousin, Candace)

xo Jac


  1. Wow, the scenery looks so peaceful and stunning. This really makes me want to explore Arizona!

  2. It was so amazing! You should def check it out :)


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