Little Vase of Memories

Last time I visited with my Grandma, my mom brought out this beautiful little vase. This is a vase my Grandma has had since before I was born. When I was around four years old, I used to go to my grandparents house everyday. One day, my Grandpa started tinkering in the backyard, sawing wood and hammering away and my Grandma would go out there occasionally and help him. When I asked what he was doing, he said he was making a room. I didn't really pay attention to what went on after that. Until one day I went over as usual, and they took me out into the back yard. There was a beautiful pink playhouse with white trim. Inside, there was a table and chairs that were just my size, lace curtains in the window, carpet on the floor and a shelve with dishes. This little vase was on that shelf. I had the most amazing afternoon tea parties. My Grandpa was about 6'3", but he would cram himself into my little house and sit in my little chair and join me for water and fresh leaves. He was the strong silent type, my Grandpa, but I could feel how much he loved me. All these beautiful memories flooded back the moment my mom handed me this little vase. She said my Grandma had given it to my Nana when we all moved to Arizona. My Nana somehow knew how special this little vase would be to me and saved it for me all these years. My Grandpa has been gone for 17 years now. But I still tear up when I think about him. I'm so thankful that I have this one beautiful memory to keep with me.

This is my Grandma, Amelia, around 16. She's the one in the middle with all the attitude. I love this photo of her!

xo Jac

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