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Jacqueline O.

Here's part outfit post, part my favorite animals at the zoo. I was invited last minute to the Wildlife World Zoo by my in-laws, and with the gorgeous weather we've be having, I jumped at the chance! This zoo is huge, which is great because they have such a variety of adorable creatures to look at, as well as an aquarium. 

Top: Madewell
Dress: Thrifted; 
Bag: Vintage Coach; 
Sandals: Madewell; 
Hat: Target; 
Sunglasses: UO

If you're wondering what my favorite animal is...it's a sloth! I know, most people think I'm weird when they hear that, but I just think they are the sweetest little things. I was begging the sleeping sloth in the corner to turn around so I could see its cute face, but it just kept snoozing. 

Do you have any spots you like to visit as soon as the weather gets warmer?

- Jac

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