Dress: Dillards, All Jewelry: Vintage Shoes: Vintage Handbag: Vintage (borrowed) Headpiece: Charming Charlies Head Band: Ribbon from Michael's

Here's the look I put together for the 20s party we went to last weekend. I was really proud of myself for not spending any money on it, except for about $6 for the ribbon. I love theme parties, but to be honest, I dread the money I'm bound to spend on an outfit I will most likely not wear again. I was happy I was able to pull everything from my own closet, except for the gorgeous beaded bag, which I borrowed from a friend. All in all, I think this look was a success :)


  1. Oo good effort to pull that together from items you already had, well done! A great look on you. P x

  2. I love that you were able to pull together this outfit with just $6. You are just the cutest!!
    xo TJ


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