1| greens, greens, greens                             2| hanging out in my new favorite summer dress

                 3| breakfast with my favorite gal                                4| cute shoes + cute wallpaper

5| chocolaty treats after a hard work out                      6| sharing a huge dressing room

7| did you celebrate national doughnut day?                   8| sno-cones by the beach

9| sunday morning breakfast                                                10| pool day

                    11| hello, tucson!                                             12| belly's full of meatloaf sandwiches

                    13| world cup fever!                                    14| cannot get enough mexican food!

Life has been so, so good lately! The summer is flying by, we have plans to go to San Diego in a couple weeks, and I just can't get enough of eating good food and hanging out with my favorite people. Oh, ya, and working out. I'm starting to reach some fitness goals, and I'm so pumped about it. How's your summer so far?

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  1. i could eat a donut right now. i did try to celebrate national donut day and stopped to pick some up for the kids after work. bad idea...everything was sold out, and what was left was crap! i think i'm still craving a really good one since that day! have a great 4th!

  2. Looks like your summer is starting off so fun and fantastic! I really love your new favourite dress and your breakfast looked so delicious!


  3. I love your hat! It's fun to see your instagram pictures :)


  4. Very nice Insta!
    We got same idea, next week, I talk about Instagram!! xx

  5. I love all of your pictures! That white dress is so cute! Your friend and you are so pretty and look like you are having such a good time. I am so glad your summer is going well. So far, ours has been relaxing. I hope it continues this way.

    And also, how the heck did I miss National Donut Day? What is wrong with me?!


  6. I totally adore your white Summer dress! I really need to get a LWD. I saw one at Zara that was so cute, but it just didn't fit right.

    Lauren xo
    Sophisticated In Style

  7. I have never seen such a huge dressing room. What fun! Unfortunately, I did nothing for National Donut Day. Sadness.

  8. What beautiful summer memories, love your white dress! I am so grateful for your feedback on my last post :)

  9. These little instagram shots are the cutest! Loving all of your outfits!!
    xo TJ


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