Ladylike Sunday

dress: banana republic, gift (option) bag: thrifted shoes: nordstrom (similar) sunglasses: thrifted (similar) earrings: clothing swap (similar) (similar)

after all this time of hiding in the confines of the back yard, i don't want to go back! i think i love taking photos in the desert. and i'll do it as long as i can (i.e. until it hits 120 degrees). 
i have a funny story about this dress. i borrowed it from my best friend about a year ago, then she decided it suited me better than it did her, and just told me to keep it. i put it on one day a couple months ago and was looking in the mirror, and i thought to myself, "this dress would be so much cuter with pockets". then i put my hands where i thought the pockets should be, and they slid into a pocket! i guess dreams really do come true ;)


  1. Love the earrings with that dress! I want some just like that :)


  2. Great photos! You look so fabulous!
    Would love if you could check out my blog if you get a chance!

  3. love this dress on you ! we need to go thrift shopping one day I never find anything good when I go =)
    Simply Sutter

  4. That is so funny (about the pockets!). I have done that more than once! Sometimes they are loosely sewn shut!

    I love how you paired the green earrings with the orange dress. And it fits you perfectly! I love the desert pics! Gorgeous!


  5. That dress is so gorgeous, and I'm with ya, a dress with pockets is the absolute best!! xoxo

  6. i'm definitely down to see more desert pictures, these came out beautiful! and you have the best dress collection- i swoon over every single one

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  7. The sun is everywhere! even in your smile! ;)


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