Floral Noir

dress: (similar) bag: thrifted (similar) shoes: tj maxx (similar)

i don't wear this dress too often. although it's comfortable, i can't really do a day dress in black in arizona without melting into a puddle. so, i only have a small window in between winter and spring to get any use out of it. i'm so, so glad my hair has finally gotten back to this length. i can just do so much more with it. if i ever get the idea to chop my hair again, please remind me that i will most definitely hate it. have a happy friday!


  1. haha, i tell myself that about cutting my hair, too! i am finally back to a length i consider LONG! pretty details on the dress...i bet you could get away with wearing it a night (if it's any cooler??)?!

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  2. what a cute dress! reminds me of those dutch ladies tradirional dress :D


  3. This is super cute!

    xo Jennifer


  4. You lucky Arizonans. It's slowly getting summer-y out here, but our Winters are always so cold and I love to wear dresses.n This one's a lovely one, and I especially love the embroided flowers on it ^^ I hope your summer starts mild, so that you can wear it a few extra times before it gets to hot! xo

  5. This is so true about AZ ! its like i want to wear my jean jacket but have only so long to wear I get to the point were I say F&@(! It and I'm gonna wear it lol If I melt I melt LoL !
    Simply Sutter

  6. Loving the tiny floral touches to this outfit. Perfect :)
    xo TJ


  7. OMG I love this. It reminds me of a little German dress I had when I was little! So cute!

  8. LOVE this dress, but can we also talk about how amazing your brows are?

    xx, Genevieve -- Hope you'll follow back! http://styledsealeddelivered.blogspot.com/


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