Ladylike Sunday

blazer: h&m (similar) dress: dillards outlet (similar) earrings: vintage bag: kate spade (similar) shoes: nordstrom off the rack (similar)

this outfit was from super bowl sunday when it got slightly cool enough for me to justify the tights. did you watch the super bowl?? i'm usually just there for the food, but it was amazing to watch how easily the sea hawks won, and also a little sad. go, sea hawks! 
this dress is the only dress i own with pleats. since i'm a little more "well endowed" in the hip area, i tend to shy away from anything that accentuates them. i almost didn't even want to try it on, but the polka dots were calling to me, and i was surprised how much i ended up loving it. do you have any styles you generally stay away from that you've given a second chance and loved? 


  1. How cute are you! Loving the polka dots! :)
    xo TJ

  2. Oh, that blazer! It's the perfect length and the perfect addition to your adorable dress. Its masculine-inspired structure tempers the cute factor of the polka dots so perfectly. Perfect, perfect, perfect. lol There really is no better word for it!
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  3. Love the tailored blazer over this ladylike dress, so pretty!I enjoyed reading your thoughts on my last post...Good wishes for the weekend!

  4. So chic, elegant, ladylike ♥

  5. super cute outfit... im looking to my closet to see if there is anything like that that i normally would shy away from.... doesnt look like i do!! time to try something new!


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