Living in Costa Rica Part 3

I've saved all my random photo's for last. Some of my very favorite things are on these final pictures. Enjoy!

You could buy fresh young coconuts everywhere! There were usually kept in a cooler and were refreshingly cold. They would just lop off the top of the coconut with a large knife, stick a straw in it and hand it over to you. Then when you had drank it all, they would cut it in half for you and you could eat the coconut meat inside. It was like the most delisious coconut jelly ever! I had at least a couple a day. So good!

Local surfer boys gave lessons on the beach

My sweaty self on a hike back to a waterfall

The gorgeous front yard of a friend

More coconuts? Yes, please!

One of my favorite breakfasts: Bacon, gallo pinto (black beans and white rice), corn tortilla's, and natilla (a really thick and yummy sour cream)

Me (I had the most ridiculous tan!) and my good friend Candace, who was down visiting, at Bamboo Jam (the only "nightclub" in town)

 And...more monkeys :)
This is a street dog who adopted us. Seriously. She lived on our street, and she was so sweet and so pretty, so I decided to feed her. From that moment on, she was ours. She would sleep on our stoop, and follow us EVEREYWHERE. This is not very convenient, since everywhere you go is open. She would walk right in behind me into restraunts, grocery stores, the bus...Kind of a problem. But she was the best most loyal dog I have ever know. I named her Bella. It broke my heart to leave her there...

Hope you enjoyed having a little taste of my second home. We are really hoping to go back again for a more extended stay. Someday soon I hope!!
xoxo Jemma

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