It's All Happening at the Zoo

Zoo day with my beautiful momma and little sis. As you can tell by my loosing clothing and pulling my hair back out of my face, it was HOT. That's right, fall won't really be here for another month and a half or so :(:(. We started off eating breakfast with the giraffes, and just had a relaxing day strolling through the zoo, stopping to watch our favorite animals and lots of talking a laughing. Aside from the stiffling heat, it was a fabulous zoo day. My favorite was watching the orangatans playing fort. It was the cutest thing! They had a sheet that they kept pulling over them and were playing underneath! Oh, and the pic with my sister and the baboon was just too funny. He purposely went and sat next to her and was watching her every move. Too cute! Hope you had a great Friday and an even better weekend!
xo Jemma

almost forgot...
Top: UO
Denim Vest: Old Navy
Shorts: vintage
Shoes: Target
Necklace & Sunnies; Forever 21
Earrings: UO
Bag: Old Navy


  1. such a cute post!, found you through bloglovin.. Guess we are both new bloggers. Lets support each other by following..

    Looking forward to seeing more

  2. Thanks! I love blog support :) I've already followed your cute blog on bloglovin!!

  3. cute top! i love zoo days!

    <3 steffy

  4. Thank you, Steffy! By the way, I'm loving all the pics from your road trip :) Looks super fun!!


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