I Won't Try to Fight in the Weekend Wars

My family came up this weekend and we had a fabulous Thai dinner at my in-laws. There was so much food, I defiantly ate until my tummy hurt. My father-in-law makes these amazing spring rolls that have shrimp, crab, pork and glass noodles. They are the best I've ever had and take him two days to make. He only makes them every couple years, so yesterday was a happy day for me :) Again, I apologize for my camera. Hoping to get a new one some time soon. It's ridiculous having a blog that I regularly post pictures on, and the pictures are horribly bad quality. By the way, the furry blur on our laps is my in-laws cute as a button teacup Poodle, Teddy.

Hope you had a lovely weekend
xoxo Jemma

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