Microblog 05 | A Puppy Shower

Jacqueline O.

This weekend, one of my very best friends, Brianna, was visiting from California. As if having her in town wasn't enough...she put together a surprise puppy shower for me and Oliver! 
She let me know she had made reservations for us and a friend for Saturday afternoon at Arcadia Farms. It thought it was a little strange that she made reservations, but I didn't think too much about it. That morning our husbands talked us into going to a late breakfast. After egg Benedict and cocktails at Hula we were finally on our way to meet Sicily for lunch...30 minutes late. I felt terrible!

(Me and Sicily)
When we finally made it to the restaurant and the table, I see her sitting at a large table. The first thing I notice are blue balloons that say "It's a Boy!" Then I notice four of my other friends. My first thought is that someone is pregnant and didn't tell me, ha! Someone shouts out that it's a puppy shower!! 

Blown. Away.

They all pull out gift bags and my husband walks in with Oliver. I seriously could not have been more shocked. I mean, who throws a puppy shower?? Only the best friends ever!

(Sicily, Keri, Bella, Jen, Erin and Brianna)
Oliver was spoiled and showered with toys, clothes, books (well, maybe those were for me), even a puppy car seat! Girls, I really think this needs to become a regular thing. Puppies, your closest friends, no dumb shower games. It was perfect :)

- Jac

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