Microblog 01 | A Little Fresh Air

Growing up, I was never very active, aside from the mandatory time spent in gym class. I preferred to spend my time catching up on the latest episode of Dawson's Creek or flipping through Teen Vogue than get any kind of fresh air. The word exercise was a four letter word in my mind. Then, at eighteen, I met my husband.

Very early in our relationship, I found out that he came from a family that liked to hike. For fun. What?? One of the very first times I hung out with them, they declared they wanted to go on a "night hike", using the moon for guidance instead of flashlights. I proudly voiced the excuse that I didn't have my hiking shoes with me. I didn't own hiking shoes, but they didn't know that. "No problem," Nick said, "you can borrow some from my mom." Oh, great.  I don't remember much about that first hike, except that I somehow survived, while holding his hand in a death grip for assistance the entire trail. That first hike turned into day hikes during the weekends. Nick carried along snacks and drinks to make it more enjoyable. I was a heavy breathing, beet faced, sweaty mess who had to sit and rest 3-4 times throughout the 4 miles to catch my breath, and bemoan the fact that I fell in love with a hiker. 

Fast forward to twelve years later. I still think exercise is a four letter word, and I fight my husband every chance I get to please just sit on the couch with me, watch Survivor and eat pizza! Most of the time, I end up winning, but then I feel like crap. I hate to admit this, but this whole hiking thing has kind of grown on me. And even though I complain, when I'm actually doing it, I really love it. It's a time for me to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with my husband, and get some much needed exercise, without really even thinking about it. And it totally clears my head, which is so great after a stressful day. 

I am now proud to say that I can do an entire four mile hike without handheld assistance, snack or rests! What is a way you like to exercise or clear your mind?

- Jac

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