When You and I Were Forever Wild

dress: dillards (similar) (similar) (similar) shoes: minnetonka (similar) necklaces: f21 (similar), arrowhead made by me (similar) bracelets: thrifted (recommended) bag: target (similar) ring: thrifted (similar)

i know i said i'd share my festival style from a couple weekends ago. but honestly, i didn't really get to wear what i wanted to wear. aside from my ever comfy mocs, i wasn't feeling very flower child. so, instead, i decided to put together what i would've liked to wear. although i love the boho look, i feel more me in a more feminine look. i feel like this look conveys both styles pretty well between the lace and the fringe :) 

i have quite the weekend ahead of me. i get to spend to day with my bestie doing one of my favorite hobbies: estate saleing. then sunday, my in-laws are hosting a wine and appetizer party. i'm going to try my hand at baking and have plans to make a chocolate cake with orange basil frosting from scratch. hoping it comes out good! what do you have planned?


  1. great photos, great location, and cute dress!


  2. ooo estate sales and parties, that sounds amazing! and can we talk about how you have the best dress collection, ever? and even though you didn't get to wear this outfit, it'd definitely be perfect for a festival! i love the lace dress :)

    xo marlen
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    1. Yes, I have a bit of the obsession of owning every adorable dress in my price range. It's a problem ;-)

  3. Yo are so beautiful and the landscape looks amazing :)

  4. Love the backdrop so much, so beautiful!


  5. I adore this look, the perfect mix of boho & feminine!! <3 Oh and your weekend sounds delightful too!! xoxo

  6. The lace dress definitely looks really good on you! The statement necklace makes the whole outfit even better <3

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    xoxo, Claire from Vancouver, Canada

  7. Im loving this outfit and that you ventured out love the backgrounds =)
    Simply Sutter

  8. That dress is so pretty.

    Melanie | UnraveledThreads

  9. I think you should always wear what you feel best in! I think you look absolutely stunning. Gorgeous pictures! I have a very similar dress and it is great to get new style ideas for it. Thank you! Have fun with your bestie! : )


  10. the lace is feminine and the mocs and fringe give it that boho vibe! love the first photo :)


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