Four Simple Goals

Four Simple Goals

1. pay more attention to my blog
2. cook more during the week
3. exercise daily
4. enjoy more of the outdoors

 i will be sharing my progress of these simple little goals with you all in the form of recipes, work outs that i'm enjoying and more outdoor photos. please feel free to share the goals you hope to accomplish before the years end. hope you are all having the happiest of autumns! 

(the idea for these goals came from the girls at a beautiful mess)


  1. Hi dear, those are good goals to have and within reach. I recently added exercise daily to my own list and so far (cross fingers) its been going well. Thanks for sopping by :)

  2. I have very similar goals lately. I've combined 3 and 4 though....kind of cheating. :) Going for a run or walking to the store (to make dinner at home for once) let me get outside and enjoy it. Two birds with one stone!


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