Welcome to the new Sunshine District! I'm so excited for the fresh new layout and loving the simplicity of it :) The biggest change you'll notice around here: Jenny has decided to part ways from The Sunshine District. She has a fantastic new job, and had to make the tough decision that our blog didn't fit into her life anymore. I was so sad to see her leave, but I'm happy for her in her new adventures! My regular photographer is in Thailand for a few more weeks, so blogging may still be a little irregular, but I will soon be on a regular blogging schedule that will include more outfit posts, recipes and some DIY I'm so excited to try. Hope all you lovelies are doing great. I'm off to check out your latest posts :)

xo Jac


  1. Wishing Jenny good luck! Excited to see you continue :)

    xo Jennifer

  2. Love the new layout Jac! And definitely excited to see more from you :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. Welcome back girl!!!!!!!!! Love the new layout!

    Pearls & Paws

  4. Hi dear, congratulations on the exciting new changes for your lovely blog. All the best to Jenny! Looking forward to reading your posts!


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