Ladylike Sunday

Top: gift
Skirt: Express
Shoes: Nine West
Bag: Buffalo Exchange
Brooch: gift

If your home is anything like mine right now, the Olympics are playing in the background 24/7. Now don't get me wrong, I like me some Olympics. I like the gymnatics and the swimming...and, yup, that's about it. Unfortunately, my husband is a fan of almost every sport imaginable. So instead of catching that episode of Project Runway I've been waiting to watch, we're watching cycling or women's indoor volleyball. The bright side, the Olympics only comes around every four years, so I'm hoping in that time we'll invest in a second T.V.

Now for a couple outakes, cause no photo shoot is ever perfect...

The look I get when my husband turns on water polo instead of Master Chef

How I look when I'm woken from a nap (seriously, how did I take such bad pictures?? LOL)
Hope you're having a lovely Sunday <3

xo Jac


  1. Been so busy I have been missing out on all the Olympic excitement! You're right, it only comes every four years, and we should be sport supportive! Adore your green skirt, the style is very pretty and that colour is vividly beautiful!

  2. Cute outfit! :) That brooch is also really nice, lovely addition.

    Indie by heart

  3. Nice summer look. Love the skirt. xA

  4. lol. This post is awesome :) Your hubby and my boyfriend would get along real well. He's semi-obsessed, too! He's even memorized all three tv channels that the olympics are broadcast on, and he even found that he can watch lots of other events online (which you might want to mention to your husband when project runway comes on.) ^_^
    You look so pretty! I love your barrette and the outtakes.

  5. Hi! I really like your blog, your photo's and content you post are just so great! I really hope we get to know each other as I will be visiting your blog often! Feel free to stop by my blog! I just started it yesterday :).

  6. It's on 24-7 at our house, too!! I like gymnastics and swimming and diving, mainly. But I did want to catch some of those quirky ones like badminton and table tennis....but I missed them. Guess because when they are on late at night, I'm running on the treadmill, haha?!


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