Ladylike Sunday

Dress: gift from Jenny
Cami: Nordstrom
Necklace: gift from my husband
Ring: gift from my sister
Shoes: can't remember!

Isn't this dress the cutest? Had lunch with Jenny earlier this week, and she brought this little dress for me. Just love it :) Found one of my favorite books in my mother in laws vintage book collection - Little Women. Don't know about you girls, but I'm a bit of a book worm. Especially love reading the classics, like this one. My favorite is the Anne of Green Gables series. What's your favorite book?

In other news, we were awarded the Sunshine Award (kind of fitting don't ya think? ;) by Kym over at bitty.and.bunny. Kym has been such a supporter of our little blog here, and just want to give a little shout out to her and a thank you for this award : D Thought it would be easier if Jenny and I answered our questions on separate posts, just so you're not getting such an over share of info at once :)

answer 10 questions below
pass on to 5 bloggers who brighten my day

favorite color:  I love any shade of blue or green

favorite number:  7. Don't ask me why, cause I wouldn't even know what to tell you

favorite animal:  To have as a pet? Dogs. In general? Probably panda bears. They just look so cuddly :)

favorite non-alcoholic drink:  Love green tea. Preferably either Japanese cherry green tea from Coffee Bean Tea Leaf

twitter or facebook:  Facebook only because I don't have a twitter

what is your passion:  As of late, blogging, although passion is a pretty strong word to use for it. 

receiving or giving:  Can I choose both? I love getting gifts, but there's nothing like the anticipation and seeing the glee on their face when you give a gift

favorite pattern:  Is floral a pattern? If not, then polka dots

favorite day of the week: Friday because most people are working which makes things like going out to eat or going to the movies a lot more enjoyable

favorite flower:  Orchids. They're exotic and impossible to keep alive, but they're absolutely beautiful 

And now I pass the award on to these lovely ladies, who always know how to brighten my day.

Jenny will be awarding the last two on her own post. Hope you all are having a fabulous Sunday!

xo Jac


  1. The shoes are adorable, love the color and style!

  2. Very cute dress!!
    I would love for you to visit my blog sometime!!

  3. I'm revisiting the Great Gatsby right now. Love your hair and make up. Looks so natural and flawlessly beautiful!! xoxo

    1. I love that book too! Anxiously awaiting the movie :)

  4. I love the look of those old books. I like orchids, too!

  5. your dress is so beautiful! You look lovely xo

  6. aw congrats on the award! and i love your dress, it looks perfect for lunches with girlfriends :)

  7. you guys are beautiful.
    And we have the same name, Jacqueline. :)
    Love your brown eyelet dress.

    Don't forget to enter my giveaway:

    Good luck and keep in touch!


  8. What a gorgeous dress, and love those shoes! So fun to get to know more about you, and I hear ya on the florals and dots :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  9. Such a beautiful, chic and feminine look! I love your beautiful cocktail ring.



  10. Awww what a sweet gift from Jenny! Love the detail to that dress and you look lovely in it!

  11. just love ur dress and the shoes compliment the colour of the dress!Would really appreciate if we follow each other via GFC&Bloglovin or maybe both! Do let me know!
    Keep Smiling:D


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