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Thank you Joyce from Joyful Outfits for the awards! We are beyond excited to receive our first Blogger Awards, and are even more excited to spread the love <3

·                     link back to the blogger you got the award from
·                     write seven things about yourself
·                     fill in the question form below
·                     give the award to ten other bloggers

Question and Answer: Jacqueline
·                     Name your favorite song: Too many to name! At the moment: “Our Deal” Best Coast. Ever: “Two of Us” The Beatles
·                     Name your favorite dessert: Pizzookie
·                     What pisses you off: mean people
·                     When your upset, you: Vent to my husband and eat French fries
·                     Your favorite pet: puppies!
·                     Black or white: Black
·                     Your biggest fear: spiders
·                     Best feature: my smile
·                     Everyday attitude: start out happy…grumpy after work...happy again when it's dinner time:)
·                     What is perfection: Spending time with my love
·                     Guilty pleasure: Carbs and Gossip Girl

7 Random things about me: 

·                     I LOVE potatoes. Fried, mashed, au gratin - you put it in front of me, I'll eat it.
·                     My right foot is slightly larger than my left foot. Makes certain shoes unbearably uncomfortable, but I'll suffer for my passion. 
·                     I used to act. My biggest job was a play that ran for a month when I was 17. Most fun I've ever had in my life. 
·                     My dream is to live by the ocean. Hawaii, Costa Rica, California - I'd move to any of those places in a heartbeat. I lived in Costa Rica for three months J
·        My husband and I absolutely abhorred each other when we first met. We've now known each other 8 years and have been together for 6. He's my best friend :)
·                     You know how most women have a maternal instinct so strong, all they can think about is being a mother? I have that. Towards puppies. A chocolate brown tea cup poodle named Oliver to be exact. Someday... 

Question and Answer: Jenny
  • Name your favorite song: Right now it's 'Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop' by Landon Pigg...although that can change at any minute based on my mood!
·                     Name your favorite dessert: Homemade lemon ice cream- my grandmas recipe... I'll have to share that sometime!
·                     What pisses you off: People who are rude for no reason... cant we just all get along?!
·                     When your upset, you: Clean like a mamojamma!
·                     Your favorite pet: My kitty-Quinn
·                     Black or white: Black
·                     Your biggest fear: Not being happy
·                     Best feature: My eyes
·                     Everyday attitude: Optimistic!
·                     What is perfection: It would include a fire, a glass of wine, a good book, sitting by my hubby.
·                     Guilty pleasure: I love to catch up on celebrity gossip in magazines like US weekly... I am actually really embarrassed that I love them so much.

7 Random things about me: 
1. I am a soup-aholic... I could eat it for every meal.
2. I am a vegetarian....and my husband is so very much not!
3. I have kept a journal since I was a kid, but this blog is the first time I have written anything for anyone else to read!
4. I have been married for 5 years... starting to feel like an old married  lady!
5. I am fascinated by personality profiles... I love figuring out why people do what they do and what makes them tick.
6. I love the rain and have a hard time not running outside to play in it whenever it rains here in the desert.
7. I love to read and am usually in the middle of several books at any given time.

I give the award to:

Sara from Sara Soda
Maria from Avenue M


  1. aw thnx for the award sweetie!

    <3 steffy

  2. thank you so much!

    and if you ever do make it down to hawaii, call me, lol!!

    What's the next line? Help write the story!

  3. Great facts! Thanks for the award! :) I am so honored. I would like to thank the Academy (music plays as I am being "escorted" off the stage).

  4. Thank you lovelies! This is a fabulous award :)

  5. You girlies are so sweet! I'm working on my post right now. :)

  6. Congrats for the blogger award !

  7. Hi dear, thanks for your sweet comment on my blog, your blog is lovely, amazing and you have great style! Anyway I can't see you among my followers on google friend connect, could you please try again? Thank you! Kisses!

    Pop Culture&Fashion Magic

  8. Congrats on your awards. it was so interesting learning these things about you.

  9. thanks for sharing all these interesting little tidbits. with the two of you, it's double the fun!


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