Green Chili Enchilada Eggs

Growing up, one of my favorite breakfasts my mom would make for me was Tortilla Pedazitos (tortilla pieces with eggs). Since I had some left over roasted green chili my mom gave me, I decided to mix it up a bit. 

You'll need: 1 flour tortilla per person 
2 eggs per person
grated cheddar cheese
1 green chili cleaned and chopped
salt and pepper

First, I oiled a frying pan and put on medium. Once it was hot, I tore up pieces of flour tortilla (it's also yummy with corn tortilla), and let it fry till it's nice and brown.

While the tortillas were browning, I chopped up the green chili. You can either buy green chili already roasted, or roast it yourself. You can go here for further instructions. I like to use Hatch green chili, because it's really hot, but you can also use Anaheim chili's which are a little milder. Crack eggs into a separate bowl and add chopped green chili, cheese, salt and pepper. Once the tortilla's are brown, pour the eggs on top and cook until done. 

Serve and enjoy!

xo Jemma

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